TreasurePages is a part of a family of forward-thinking websites, focused on the evolution of the Internet. These sites have been conceived and are maintained by K. A. Gonzalez. Please visit these pages to learn more about the author and owner.

Description: Avacafe is a concept like no others on the web. Conceived back in 2000, this the way to bring together companies and people in a way that benefits the marketplace and society in general. It’s tenets include a way to greatly reduce or eliminate unemployment for today and the foreseeable future.

Description: As home base for author and owner K A Gonzalez (known on the web as Keitan), this site was designed near the beginning of the web (circa 1998) and displays original Adobe Illustrator vector-designed shapes. This is the landing point to find out more about the author and his interests near the beginning of the 21st century.

Description: Moonphase is the flagship website of K. A. Gonzalez (aka Keitan). this is the place to find the most up to date posts. It highlights his photography, poetry and other writings, and also includes subject material covering many topics like environment, economy, evolution, technology, health and others. – 1999 version

Description: began as a open public forum for people to submit their poetry and wishes, published on this retro website according to their birthday. Now preserved in its historical glory, this original version of is a testament to the positive vibrations of the newly adopted idea called the World Wide Web.